Monday, November 9, 2009

pita sandwiches

my go-to on-the-go meal is a stuffed pita sandwich: it's warm, easy, flavorful and crunchy. i can substitute any of the ingredients with whatever i have in my fridge--i'm still using up leftovers from my party.

here's how i'm currently making my pita sandwiches:

- whole wheat pita bread
- zesty garlic hummus
- thinly sliced cucumbers
- roasted red tomatoes in oil

1. warm up pita in toaster oven
2. cut in half to create 2 pita pockets
4. stuff with hummus, cucumbers and roasted tomatoes
5. enjoy!


No fuss said...

ive actually made something similar before using hummus and veggies and sometimes chicken pieces, however my pita gets cold and hard really easily, do you know a way i could maintain the softness?lizs

adeeba said...

hmm--i would suggest not storing your pita in your fridge if possible, and making sure the sandwich is tightly stored in a ziploc bag or container. gently warming it up in the toaster helps too if you're going to eat it immediately.

No fuss said...

thanks adeeba! im already tasting the hummus in my mouth! i also put tobasco in my sandwich sometimes. deliciouss! baji (rashid bhai's wifey) is sort of experimenting with food like you these days and im visiting her in a few weeks, cant wait to try some of it!

adeeba said...

mmm yeah i love hot sauce, especially sriracha! have fun in toronto!!!