Tuesday, October 27, 2009

portobello mushroom overload

so, im still trying to finish off all the leftover ingredients from my party last week. i have a lot of garlicky hummus, roasted red tomatoes in oil and celery sticks. one of the dishes i made required 24oz of portobello mushrooms. since i'm not good at mental math, i umm, bought 2 POUNDS of mushrooms! hahaha. yeah..so you can imagine how many i have leftover.

today i was inspired to grill up some portobellos on my grill pan and top with the hummus and roasted tomatoes. mmmm! delish lunch!

- portobello mushroom(s)
- hummus
- roasted red tomatoes in oil
- olive oil, salt, black pepper

1. preheat grill pan; heat up a little bit of olive oil
2. gently rub mushrooms with wet paper towel to clean. remove stem.
4. gently scoop out the black insides of the mushrooms
5. lightly salt/pepper the mushrooms and grill for about 5-7 minutes on each side
6. top off the inside of the mushrooms with some hummus and the tomatoes per your liking.
7. enjoy!

any reccs on how to use up my portobello mushrooms?