Monday, October 26, 2009

the coolest thing!

Last month I went out for supper at Supper with friends for restaurant week. The food was fantastic!

For my first course I ordered a soup which (I think) was described as "carrot, orange, truffle oil, mint, marshmallow." Hmm...sounded interesting, I had to try it! I was so delighted when it came out, because it was such a visual treat! It wasn't too sweet at all--and all the flavors were perfectly balanced. The soup was mostly carrot with an orange segment on the bottom of the bowl, and a small pool of truffle oil and a mint leaf in the center.

The coolest thing was the way the marshmallow was incorporated. It was a very thin layer of melted marshmallow coating the inside of one side of the bowl, then crispy and toasted (probably with a blow torch.) It was a beautiful and interesting sight! I scraped a little bit of marshmallow with every bite of soup. Yum!

Eat anything interesting lately?