Sunday, April 19, 2009


i. love. beets.

i love the earthiness, the sweetness, the smoothness of them. not only are they sumptuous in flavor and texture, but they're packed with all the good stuff!

i've been incorporating a lot of roasted beets in my lunches and dinners lately. they're super simple to roast. all you have to do is pop them in the oven, and in about an hour or so you're good to go! i like to roast a bunch over the weekend so i'm set for the following week. to roast:

1. wrap whole, un-peeled beets in foil
2. place foiled beets on baking sheet
3. roast in oven for 1.25 hours at 425 degrees
4. after cooling for a few minutes, use foil to rub off skin

one way i've been using roasted beets is in sandwiches for lunch. a beet sandwich is a hearty and healthy way to make beets accessible to people on-the-go! here's my take on the beet sandwich:

beets, cheese and greens sandwich: assemble a sandwich with your favorite bread (toasted), roasted beets, cheesy spread and whatever greens you have on hand. cream cheese, goat cheese or any other creamy cheese will work. (try to stay away from cheese that is heavily seasoned, or else it will take away from the subtle sweetness of the beets.) i've been using a garlic and herb cheese spread i found at reading terminal market and fresh baby arugula.

what's a favorite fruit or veggi that you have been cooking up a storm with?


c0mfy said...

sounds. so. yumm-ay. :)

birdman said...

Laughing Cow and spinach. Add some pepper and its great on a pita.

adeeba said...

ooh that sounds good--i should stock up on some pita then!

J.G. Edathil said...

foiled beets sound, through no fault of their own, redundant and defeatist. but tasty! i'ma buy some beets tonight when I get back from work.

I had been doing a lot of work with mushrooms, which are neither a fruit or a vegetable technically. I'm mostly pleased with the outcome.

adeeba said...

ooh mushrooms. what have you been doing with them?

Erin said...

Beets are fantastic in a salad (or for that matter in any form) with crumbled goat cheese. Also, Kate Senior has made them in a cold 5 bean salad with a very simple olive oil dressing. (Perfect for summer!)

My dad is a huge fan of borsht, but I could never get into that myself.