Monday, March 16, 2009

offal--all the good stuff

a few friends and i shared an incredibly gluttonous evening last night at one of my favorite restaurants in philly, Zahav. since we're friends of the team at zahav, the kitchen very generously sent out a bunch of extra dishes to our table, including the "jerusalem grill." on the menu its described as "all the good stuff." i know it means its all the innards cooked in a wood-burning oven...ive had sweetbreads, kidneys, and livers in the past. but yesterday was a first. our server told us we were having duck hearts, rabbit kidneys and didn't name the third thing. hmm...suspicious. but in the midst of our barbaric attack on any and all food arriving at our table, we let that one go. anyway, the hearts, the liver, and the other round, flavorful delicacy were quite rich and delicious. mmm.

today i found out that we had in fact had duck hearts, rabbit kidneys, and duck TESTICLES. yes. duck TESTICLES.

although my immediate (and continued) reaction is to feel disgusted, i am actually glad i didn't know. im proud of my self for trying it all and was pleasantly surprised at the richness of 'all the good stuff.'

what's the most adventurous thing you love to eat?


J.G. Edathil said...

Ballsy choice of cuisine.

No, I don't see that I had any choice to respond in any other way.

Actually, I'd say Buffalo, which I suppose is tame in comparison.

Malachy said...

who knew that ducks even had ballz? let alone that theyre delicious? we need to go back!

J.G. Edathil said...

You need to update this thing, Deebs.

adeeba said...

i know i know. its crunch time--end of semester.. will catch up soon!