Sunday, February 7, 2010

food superstars

hi all,

i created a cheat-sheet of food superstars that i don't eat as much as i should for my fridge, so i am encouraged to eat/shop healthier. (by no means is the list exhaustive.)

i try to incorporate several of the items in my diet everyday. it's easy to! for example, i throw in a a clove of finely minced garlic and a touch of turmeric in my eggs. you could also toss in flax seeds and honey into your oatmeal.

food superstars:

produce: nuts/grains:
- pears - steel cut oats
- apples - barley
- garlic (1 clove daily) - flax seed
- pomegranate - brown rice
- blueberries - almonds
- kiwi - lentils
- red grapefruit - quinoa
- beets - red kidney beans
- cabbage - edamame
- swiss chard
- blueberries
- spinach
- seasonal squash

omega 3's: misc:
- wild caught fish - unsweetened apple butter
- sardines - pumpkin seeds
- avocado - green tea
- prunes
spices: - raw, local honey
- cinnamon
- turmeric

any smart ideas on how to incorporate pumpkin seeds or sardines into your normal diet?


Erin said...

I sometimes throw pumpkin seeds in with my granola in the morning. Also, I have been known to incorporate them into a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Perhaps not as healthy, but it's pretty good.

Mariam Ahmed said...

cranberries and prunes! super yummy and super healthy

Kylie said...

Hi Julia. I just noticed you commented on my blog over a month ago. I was taking a blog break, but I wanted to make sure I answered your question. The dimensions of the rectangle that goes on the floor where the baby lays is 26.5 x 33 inches including the connectors. The vertical part is about 18.5 inches. Good luck!

Rachel Samson said...

Pumpkin seeds go great in smoothies, roasted and spiced, and plain or on top of salads!
Love that I discovered this little blog of yours! Ah, old blogs.. aren't they sweet!