Friday, November 13, 2009

underutilized foods: brussels sprouts

a group of my foodie friends and i decided to start using "underutilized ingredients" in our home-cookings. we have a list and we're on our way to working through it. these long-lost cousins deserve to be eaten, too! :)

this week: brussels sprouts. since they're in season, they're everywhere! i bought a good-sized brussels sprout tree for $2 at iovine's! it's super cute and fun to look at. tonight, i decided to quickly blanch and saute a few handfuls of whole sprouts in brown butter. i found this recipe that i loosely used. instead of measuring anything out, i basically seasoned to taste.

- 2 handfuls of brussels sprouts, yellow outer leaves removed
- salted boiling water
- about 2 tablespoons of butter
- salt, fresh cracked black pepper, and lemon juice to taste

1. add brussels sprouts to boiling pot of salted water
2. blanch sprouts only for 1-2 minutes until they turn bright green
4. remove sprouts and drain
5. melt butter and pepper in saute pan until browned
6. add sprouts to brown butter pan; warm for a few minutes. toss with a squeeze of lemon juice.
7. add salt to taste
8. enjoy!

i found the recipe to be fresh and tasty, but a little lacking in flavor. perhaps, next time i will sprinkle some salty cheese? brussels sprout eaters: what can i do to give these more flavor without adding more butter or salt?

next up: roasted brussels sprouts (mmm crispy!)