Thursday, April 30, 2009

spike it to me!

'just got back from a quick trip to dc, where i made it a point to check out spike's good stuff eatery. being a top chef fan, i was happy to get a chance to try out chef spike's comfy-cozy food. baji and i ordered a bunch of good stuff:

1. spike's 5 napkin (burger)
2. spike's village fries (fresh thyme, rosemary, & cracked pepper)
3. coletti's smokehouse (burger)
4. toasted marshmallow home-spun milkshake

the 5 napkin was amazing...i could've had two! you can't go wrong with a perfectly cooked, juicy patty, dairy fresh cheese, fresh fried egg, a ketchup-mayo-mustard (?) spread, all inside a golden brioche bun! a few sips of the marshmallow shake made for a perfect dessert.

make sure you check out good stuff eatery the next time you're in dc :)

(here we are doesn't hurt that spike's a hottie!)


Khadija said...

Hey Deebs! Sounds like you guys are having fun! I didn't know you had this cool little blog going on.. VERY neat

Alia said...

Um, pardon, moi, you came to dc and didn't call me?!?!!?

Oh and yes I ADORE good stuff...did you try the mango mayo? It's fantastic w/ the village fries!

adeeba said...

hehe--you were in nyc when i came to dc!

Qurat said...

hmmmmmm....i can only imagine the taste of the food described!!!
sounds delicious!!!